Photo 25 Dec 4 notes Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Text 12 Dec 15 notes Gymnastic’s Looks That Never Caught On

Team Russia: Aliya Mustafina & Ksenia Afanasyeva

Look 1) “Red, White & Pantless!!!”


Look 2) “I’m Wearing A Fucking… What?!”


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Text 12 Nov 9 notes Aliya Mustafina: Good. Better. Best.

Text 7 Nov 7 notes Long Story Short

Part 5: The Beginning Of The End (Featuring Less Pictures. More Party Raisman!)

Author: Hypercane-Eve

Disclaimer: This Is A Work Of Fiction. No Offense Is Intended.

     Aliya Mustafina had had enough. Watching Aly Raisman stagger around the bedroom, while slamming the last of the vodka, had put the Russian gymnast in a dark mood. She angrily shoved her iPhone’s earbuds in her ears hoping the music would help her get some sleep. But after cranking the volume up numerous times, she realized it was no use. The American’s drunken antics were just too hard to ignore.              

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Photo 31 Oct 6 notes Killing time before……. “Killing Time”
Happy Halloween!!!

Killing time before……. “Killing Time”

Happy Halloween!!!

Text 23 Oct 11 notes Mckaly!!!

Text 22 Oct 9 notes Seperated At Birth?

Photo 19 Oct 8 notes -Tom Retterbush

-Tom Retterbush

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